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OP: VNBlue

Great effort, a little persistence, and a little perseverance, that’s what makes a Resistance. Roughly 27 million MUs each megafield and a total of 17 layers, it is undoubtedly another impressive feat for Resistance PH with the collaboration of more or less 50 agents. Last 12th of November 2016, we, the Resistance PH, initiated an […]

Persepolis Anomaly Finale

Persepolis is over! Took part in any of the last anomalies? Take a look at the overview report detailing how the points were earned across the cities. Thanks to +Jordon Mizzi 598,715 kilometers, 44,721 points, 5,951 portals, 424 fields, 50 cells, 41 shards, 20 cities and 5 anomalies. The Persepolis anomaly series goes to the Resistance! The Enlightened kicked off the […]

#Persepolis Anomaly Series – Final Summary of Anomaly Conditions:With 22575 to 22146, a difference…

#Persepolis Anomaly Series – Final Summary of Anomaly Conditions: With 22575 to 22146, a difference of 429, the #Persepolis Anomaly Series was captured by the Resistance. The Resistance victory assures that Jahan will likely succeed in unlocking N’zeer technology in Persepolis, and the true power of the N’zeer will be unleashed.  Will all of Jahan’s […]