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Mission Day Pilipinas – Thank You

Mission Day Pilipinas Thank you everyone for being part of the first ever #MissionDayPilipinas! You are now part of Philippine Ingress History! And as confirmed with the organizers, The Resistance garnered the most number of agents to finish all 36 missions! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Our biggest thanks to all the sponsors, partners and organizers of this event. […]

Mission Day Pilipinas

It’s here!!! The Official Mission Day Pilipinas Map! Look at all ’em badges! Have you signed up yet? Plan out your itinerary, brush up on your history and strategize. If you are planning to collect ’em all, there are 36 missions over all – 18 for each faction. But remember to check in […]

Ingress Guide

New to ingress? Want to know how things work or just looking for some specific detail on an item? Check out our thorough ingress guide created by +Robert Walker   Please share to anyone anywhere who could use it. Welcome to the unofficial Fev Games Ingress Guide! Our objective is for this guide to provide the most comprehensive and […]