A Smurf’s Travel Guide around Cebu City

A Smurf’s Travel Guide around Cebu City

Welcome to CEBU


This will be your friendly guide upon visiting the Queen City of the SouthCEBU.

Herewith, you will be directed to the good places to visit for unique captures, hangout for farm, and find nearby missions recommended for you. This is particularly created for Ingress Resistance Agents; if you have any questions or suggestions that can benefit to all, write to us at [email protected] .

You are now one click away to getting the useful information you need.


Data SIM

If this is your first time in the Philippines, you should know that the current Telecommunication Networks in the country provide LTE services with an allocated bandwidth of 100MB. Two of the major ISPs are SMART and GLOBE with internet speed up to 3.6 mbps. Not pretty interesting, but it can still cater to your Ingress gaming needs. You can buy Prepaid SIM cards and get Data packages depending on how many days & how much data you need. Read this for more details.


You can also consider FREE Tourist SIM card. Both Globe and Smart offer the same promo, you just need to enlist your self days before arriving here.

Link for FREE Globe Traveller SIM

Link for Smart LTE Tourist SIM


Getting Around

There are a few means of transpo available in the city.  If you  are feeling adventurous, the cheapest and  the most common mode of transfer is through the public commute such as Jeepneys and Shuttle buses.  If you opt to be secure, comfortable and more private, you can hire taxi cabs,  AC vans, or use online apps to get your ride from GRAB or UBER.

Image result for uber and grab




A lot of good places – budget friendly or luxury hotels can be booked at reasonable prices. We  only recommend trusted pension or guest houses and hotels that are safe and with the best  access or view of the city.  Find the accomodation that  suits you best  in your budget and comfort needs. Location of the hotels will suggest which cluster portals are near.



Local Delicacies and Tasty Food are what Cebuanos are proud of!  Check on the List of the Tastiest and Must-Try FOOD and where to find them. You may also want to try some exotic and interesting dishes that can only be found in this Island.  You might also find your GP here??? We’re not promising!


Mission Banners

Add up your profile with colorful and creative mission badges. Getting a mission accomplished may not be an easy task but is super enjoyable. Get some tips and ideas on which mission banners to get and which one completes faster depending on your pace.



There may be some portals that aren’t visible to your intel, we will tell you where and how to get them. Find the most accessible clustered portals that are openly available and safe to visit. Our local agents may even be available for meetup and set up a farm in these areas.  It is best to ping someone from your local area to check if anyone is available and I’m sure our Resistance Agents will be glad to assist you.


Extra Time

If you got some extra time in your hands and would like to explore the farthest districts of Cebu, either to capture uniques or just have fun, we have few  ideas of excursions or activities that you may want to try. Dont hesitate to check with us for inquiries.



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