Prepaid Data Sim Cards

If this is your first time in the Philippines, you should know that the current Telecommunication Networks in the country provide LTE services with an allocated bandwidth of 100MB. Two of the major ISPs are SMART and GLOBE with internet speed up to 3.6 mbps. Not pretty interesting, but it can still cater to your Ingress gaming needs. You can buy Prepaid SIM cards and get Data packages depending on how many days & how much data you need.


Globe Subscribers

KeywordGoSURF MBPriceValidity
GoSURF501GBP50.003 days
GoSURF2991.5GBP299.0030 days
GoSURF5994GBP599.0030 days
GoSURF9998GBP999.0030 days
GOTSCOMBODD701GBP70.007 days
GOTSCOMBODD902GBP90.007 days

To Register, text the keyword to 8080 or dial *143#


SMART Subscribers

KeywordGigaSurf MBPriceValidity
GIGA501GBP50.003 days
GIGA991.5GBP299.007 days
GIGA2992GBP299.0030 days
GIGA7994.5GBP799.0030 days

To Register, text the keyword to 9999

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