Ingress Resistance Philippines : Shock and Awe Five

The 5th installment to the Shock and Awe operations had recently been completed in the morning of May 20th, 2017. 

With a total of 700+ million MUs, from 44 mega fields, ranging between 14 – 18.4 Million MUs each, the Resistance had made yet another amazing display of dedication, coordination, and camaraderie. Staying true to the spirit of #OneResPH.

Shock and Awe 5


The road to this accomplishment was filled with many surprises that could have caused it to fail. However, in the face of adversity and struggle, the true quality of the Resistance shines; in order to succeed, we resist.

It started out in a conversation between KamoteKidd and Yown when #SmurfTheEarth was officially announced on April 2, 2017.


So in the morning of April 4th, 2017, an announcement was sent out for those interested to commit and take part. Slowly, as the roster of volunteers started to pour in, the date for the operation was finalized.


The plan was simple. Create something bigger than the last Shock and Awe. And without using portals used in the past operations, clusters perfectly lined between Angeles, Pampanga and Tarlac City are to be connected to 2 anchors: 1 in Viga, Catanduanes and the other in Narra, Palawan.


With the possibility of the entire operations being spoiled in the event that one of the anchors is attacked or worst, spoofed, the execution needs to be flawless.

On April 29, 2017, in between tweaks to the plan, the rules for the event of Magnus Builder/Architect was officially released.

Magnus Announcement

Despite possibilities that the operations may affect the gameplay of other agents during the Magnus event, the team decided to push through so the previous weeks spent planning will not be put to waste.


The night of the operations:

A total of 22 agents have gathered in Ortigas Park in the evening of May 19, 2017. Amidst the rainy night, keys for the anchors, portal assignments, and final reminders were given to all participants.

Night of the OPS

Night of the OPS 2


At around 2 am, riding 3 cars, the agents went out to proceed with their designated tasks; clear out blocking links before proceeding to their assigned portals in Pampanga and Tarlac. 

Team JuNzEn27
Set out to clear existing links along the highway from Angeles, Pampanga until Capas, Tarlac.

– JuNzEn27
– PentaAce28
– StellaDiMare
– LxFro
– Lanyle
– PandaNextDoor
– ObfuscatoR

Team SupremaKalliope
Headed to clear fields around Subic.

– SupremaKalliope
– Aeacides
– CSNiaOpsBan
– IcedDeath
– HulaanMo
– KMSquire

Team Yown
Went to clean fields and blocking links through Bulacan and Gapan before heading back to Pampanga.

– Yown
– ChefDoeuvre
– SexyMachoBrando
– wuchanchan
– AlbiSwan
– ZTDawn
– Jajaja0419
– MahouSenseiiKai
– KamoteKidd

Night of the OPS 3

Shock and Awe 5

Shock and Awe 5 02


In addition, 4 other agents were mobilized to take down the major links of the Enlightened. There were 3 portals in the province of Naga that were connected to Baler. @Shinigam113 will take down Ragay, @TJohnMagnitude for Libmanan, and @Polszki for Goa. While in Olongapo, @Randrei stood by for the signal to take down Main falls.

The plan was for all 4 agents to position themselves near their targets and await orders.

However, at 3:10 AM, one challenge that the entire team faced was a message from one of the agents in Bicol, TjohnMagnitude. He reported that he met an accident en route to his target portal in Libmanan and will not be able to continue.[1] The team decided to compensate by an early takedown of the portal in Ragay by @Shinigam113, and immediately position himself in Libmanan.

At around 3:30 – 4:30 AM, Team SupremaKalliope had arrived in Dau and began clearing links towards Subic. At roughly the same time, Team JuNzEn27 began clearing links around Angeles – Mabalacat area, dropping off @StellaDiMare and @PandaNextDoor to their designated portals. Meanwhile, Team Yown had cleared all blocks from San Ildefonso and San Miguel, Bulacan and went on their way to Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

By 5:30 AM, Team Suprema had cleared all possible blocks in Subic and were then en route to their last stop to a cluster inside Fontana. Team JuNzEn27 had arrived in their target portals and waited as the other agents are still clearing links and fields that may block the plan.


Raising the Initial fields:

As the morning light began to break, and increased ENL activity is observed in the Comms, the team had to start fielding as soon as possible. And with only one team in position, it was decided that a decoy field had to be made.

Team SupremaKalliope was able to enter Fontana at 6:01AM and once their target portals were destroyed, they immediately began their way to Tarlac.

At 6:04 AM, a simultaneous take down of the links connecting Naga and Baler were destroyed by @Shinigam113 and @polski, while Main falls portal in Olongapo was flipped by @mawsiee. The first mega field with a measure of 14 million MUs was created by @StellaDiMare, in Pampanga, at 6:06 AM, and a second one by @JuNzEn27, in Tarlac, was made shortly thereafter at roughly the same amount of MUs.

At the same time, Team Yown took down the last link in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija and began their journey to Angeles, Pampanga with an ETA of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

While Team Yown was on their way to Angeles, agent @w3nks confirmed a successful establishment of 6 layers of fields over Visayas, measured at 7 million MUs each, with the help of agent @whis90.

whis90 field

Agent whis90

At around 7:30am, Team Suprema had arrived in Capas, Tarlac and started to drop-off agents to their assigned portals. Team Yown, was 20 minutes away.

At 7:49am, @StellaDiMare reported that her field in Pampanga was taken down by agent @JTI101.

With 1 field remaining, Team Yown finally arrived in Angeles, Pampanga, and immediately began dropping off agents to their respective portals. While waiting for all of Team Yown to confirm that they are all in position, TeamJuNzEn27 and Team SupremaKalliope began to set-up their initial links to the anchors in order to prepare for the fielding sequence.

At 8:24, the remaining decoy field in Tarlac was flipped by Obfuscator, signaling the start of the fielding sequence.

The first 6 fields went up right away as planned. However at around 8:35am, while AlbiSwan was setting up the 7th field, enlightened agent @JTI101 was able to prepare links that prevented further fields to be created. An unexpected grind occurred as agent KamoteKidd tried to assist AlbiSwan with the said blocking links.



Once cleared of the links made by @JTI101, AlbiSwan was able to proceed fielding at 8:43am.

Succeeding fields were executed as planned.

SNA5 Logs


At 9:42AM, @SupremaKalliope closed out the biggest field at 18.4 million MUs.


SupremaKalliope Largest Field


The 5th Shock and Awe operation had provided 8 agents with Onyx Illuminator Badges.
– IcedDeath
– StellaDiMare
– MahouSenseiikai
– Jajaja0419
– PandaNextDoor
– PentaAce28
– KamoteKidd
– ZTDawn

The resistance agents celebrated by having lunch together.

ResPH Fielders


The takedown:

The final fields in Tarlac were legitimately taken down by Enlightened agents at 8:30PM.


Message from Organizers:

Thanks to all who participated 😀 it is a worthwhile experience. Appreciate all the efforts and commitments specially sa mga cleaners, salamat sa 6 other L16 agents who still participates on these kinds of activities and other L16 agents who are always dependable on all cases that we are in need. Let’s keep the fire burning! 😀 Until the next ops.



[1] TjohnMagnitude was brought to a nearby hospital immediately via an ambulance. He sustained minor injuries and was discharged with pain medications on the same day.

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