Why We Play Ingress

For the past two weeks, the world has seen the largest Ingress activity as NL-1331 and Mission Day were both centered in the Philippines. Agents from both factions, the Resistance and Enlightened travelled around the country’s largest island, Luzon, in search for the NL-1331 van, for the Klues. The day after the last NL-1331 event was Mission Day Quezon City, attended by Resistance representatives from all over the world.

But that is not our topic for today. During these two big events, there was an even bigger thing going on, agents from both factions were posting why they love Ingress, why they keep on playing this game. In this post, allow me to guide you to the stories submitted by Resistance agents, and maybe you too can share yours, or we can convince you to join the Resistance today.

Ingress is My Motivation to Travel!

Ingress has now become my motivation to go out in the world. Literally. Because of it, I gained friends. People who I get to talk to each day and meet from time to time. The game taught me about the importance of teamwork, and being an aide in the community (Ingress).

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What I love about Ingress?

  • It makes traveling more fun
  • You can bring your family
  • Explore places
  • Meet Ingress friends who never gets tried to come if we need help, though been to same place more or less 4 times

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I am an Ingress Resistance Operative

I have been resisting since the beta days of the application. I was recruited by my cousin who caught my attention after seeing him doing a number of missions in La Mesa EcoPark to capture and maintain control of what he called “portals.”
I would admit I didn’t know what Ingress was, it was a game for me that we would play from night til dawn and create triangular fields of blue and destroy fields of green.
I never realized that this will change my life… It has taught me a number of lessons that I have been very grateful for…

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Ingress is an Integral Part of My Life

I started playing Ingress mid 2016 and it is definitely an integral part of my life now. From my daily exercise routine around Araneta Cubao and creating multiple fields in the area to capturing portals from different parts of the Philippines while I’m on business trips. It has shown me greater appreciation of locations of note as I go around places.
The most important experience, though, of playing Ingress would be the people you meet along the way, especially within Resistance PH. From weekly pizza farms you get to bond with fellow agents and share their experiences with the game and life in general. Sometimes these farming sessions can easily turn into a jamming session when someone brings out a guitar and everyone belts out their favorite tunes.

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Mission Report: My Ingress Story

Joining the community back in 2015, I fell in love with the game. It didn’t just encourage us to travel the world but it makes us see the world in a differently.
As a fan of Investigate Ingress, what made me invested in the game is its complex storyline and characters which makes you want to root for your faction even more by joining live events.
And that’s what also prompted me to go to HongKong and meet one of my favorite characters — Susanna Moyer during Obsidian Anomaly in 2016.

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Friendship Knows No Faction

I’ve joined countless of Megafield ops in my province and out of town; eaten countless slices of pizza during farm night; fought hard at the battles of Abaddon and Aegis Nova; and helped to organize Mission Day Makati.
But most of all, it’s the friends that I’ve met throughout this Ingress journey. I’m proud to say that I have friends from both Resistance and Enlightened. We’ve made a fabulous unicorn cross-faction field (and hopefully not the last!); and when we’re not destroying each other’s portals, we just chill out like awesome frogs and smurfs do.

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Reasons Why Ingress Rocks My World


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Ingress is also considered as ‘exergaming’ (exercise gaming). The best way to play this game is by walking (and biking, to an extent). This keeps our bodies active instead of the usual games where we are sitting for hours day and night. Walking is no longer boring.
There are many stories of Ingress players who were able to lose weight and maintain a good health. I, for one, is a living testimony of that. The more I am active, the healthier I have become. If I become mostly inactive — due to work mainly — I gain weight… again.
With Ingress, I get to exercise while playing.

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it’s time to move…


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From then on we’ve had several Big-Ass Field (BAF) through our S&A Operation series. I was able to meet new friends through our community and from visiting Resistance and Enlightened agents from different places such as Germany, China, Taiwan, Australia and others. I’ve had the privilege of exchanging keys and of our experiences in playing Ingress over dinners and meetups with these agents. Some agents keep in touch and some agents come and go.

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What’s your story?

Time to share your story with the world, agent! Post your [travel] photos and tell us of your adventure in any of these social media platform. Remember to include these tags: #ResPH #Ingress #IngressPH

Resistance is not futile!

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