OP: VNBlue

Great effort, a little persistence, and a little perseverance, that’s what makes a Resistance.

Roughly 27 million MUs each megafield and a total of 17 layers, it is undoubtedly another impressive feat for Resistance PH with the collaboration of more or less 50 agents.

Last 12th of November 2016, we, the Resistance PH, initiated an operation across the large part of the Philippines to box-out any possible ENL links and field that may exist.

Some keys that were already in possession were utilized and some keys that we lack had been farmed purposely for this occasion.

The Teams

The current status of the numerous blocks for the ops until the day before the execution are mainly Enlightened links. Since there are few Resistance agents who could join, those who are willing had been called and formed into teams to be assigned to specific major blocking anchors. These were taken down almost simultaneously to prevent any counter blocking links to be formed that may cause absolute failure.

* Those who opened the path to success (Cleaners) *

The Chosen Ones – Failure is not an option. Highly reliable agents indeed.






Tag Teams – Taking down the major anchors of annoyance.

Team Baler
team-baler@Fushigana and @hulaanMo

Team Aritao
team-aritao@yown and @Andromeda1011

The Warriors – This is Spartaaaa!!!

Team Cogeo
@BoyTeagas, @Markrocf and @Exper1ment626

Team Lubang

@DripEnDrops, @schnabear, and @kam0t3r0

Team Zambales
team-zambales@littlePhoenix, @toxz27, @tinyPhoenix, @bandistangguro, @DoGMaTe, @Yanaleen, @FrauleinRose, and @LoveRoshie

Team Bolinao
team-bolinao@potle, @biomekanika, @CodeGM, @CiaraWaters, @scythe313, @AClowderOfCats, and @Frinj

Team Batangas
team-batangas@magenta111708, @JunZen27, @kuplos, and @ObfuscatoR

The Anchors and its Guardians

Team Ilocos
team-ilocos@wuchanchan, @asakearita, @kimoz17, @SupremaKalliope, @Aeacides, @CSNgress, @UragonNiu, and @flight168


Team Palawan
@PalawanBirdWing, @LanceRush, and @Gershonite

Team CamNorte (Panganiban, Vinzons, Daet)
team bicol
@Airgear65, @TjohnMAGNITUDE,@AgentPonkana, @lchan, and @Cyaaaan

Team Viga
team bicol
@Shinigam113, @EnigmaV, @jelen2zone

The Surveillance Team – Keeping Everyone Tracked and Synced

@galathea, @schizomasochist, @gelomeister, @Femmemignone, @C6h12o6, @albiswan, @brokestudent, @bisdak, @IorekByrnisonn

The Night Before Operation Day (Nov. 11, 2016)

Night before the Operation DayNight before the Operation DayNight before the Operation Day
Most of the teams came from Manila so they need to start their journeys as early as 7PM (Team Ilocos). All were keeping in touch through our group chat. Team Baler followed around 8PM. Everyone was excited to explore and play but were strictly advised to be untrackable as possible to avoid any sign of suspicion from the other faction. The rest of the teams moved already later on. Operator @Gelomeister was keeping an eye on those moving teams.

Dawn of Operation (Nov. 12, 2016)

Dawn of Operation Day
Every team updated their status in the group chat whether they were approaching the assigned place or taking a break at a stopover. Pictures of selfies, places and food had flooded to enjoy every part of the journey. Team Ilocos arrived at Vigan around 5:11 am, @KuyaDopey arrived at Tarlac at the same time. @Lanyle was already at Lucena port at 5:30am but the first boat trip to Marinduque was still at 9:30 – 10am. Ferry trip to Marinduque would take approximately 3 hours, just in time to position at the target execution time. Field agents were also keen regarding any Enl activity near their assigned area to anticipate any possible encounter. @Lanyle noticed an Enl agent @jqimperio had some activities in Marinduque area which made him a bit anxious but decided that it was still too early to consider as a hindrance for the ops. Agent @Yown keeping constant reminders to all agents involved to follow the cleaning sequence and to keep its duration as short as possible to prevent any blocking from any player before building the actual megafields.

Some food tripping before getting into positions

Time of Execution

2:00 PM – All should be in position already — cleaners, fielders and operators. All should be attentive in the group chat for any confirmation and instructions.

Initial cleaning at Marinduque

12:41 PM: Agent @Lanyle arrived at Marinduque port. First blocks to clear were in range already. Wiped out after around 4 minutes then proceeded to Boac after.

12:47 PM: Spotted Enl activity of agent @akocberting near Palawan anchor, but after a while the activity went further away and posed no further threat.

1:25  PM: Agent @Lanyle arrived at Boac, Marinduque portal blockings. Was about to flip the portal but the GPS became a bit jumpy and experienced intermittent mobile data connection, as well.

1:35  PM: Agent @Lanyle successfully flipped the portal and linked it to Calauag.

            : Agent @DarEemoKaiser flipped the Port of Lucena portal.

1:37  PM: Bayombong links were destroyed by @DarkKizimoto.

1:41  PM: @Biomekanika linked Bolinao to Cabugao to secure Ilocos to Palawan link.

1:42  PM: @Lanyle cleared all blocks at Marinduque.

The Battle at the Main Falls

1:45  PM: Main Falls and Kamana portals were taken down by Team Zambales/Olongapo.

Cape Bolinao portal was still green and fully deployed. As soon as the Main Falls were taken down, enl agents immediately took back the portal and linked to Cape Bolinao and other portals where it can be linked.

1:48  PM: Main Falls was taken back by ENL @yohji18 and @madmallow

1:50  PM: Main Falls were taken down again. Grinding started.

1:51  PM: Bagungbayan chapel was successfully linked to Palawan

2:01  PM: Cape Bolinao down.

Simultaneous Block takedown, first megafield up!!!

2:15  PM: Solano blocks taken down by @DarkKizimoto

Team Baler took down Baler blocking

2:19  PM: Team Aritao took down blocking.

2:19  PM: First layer up! +26.63M MU  HOORAY!!!

First sequence of fields execution: Panganiban fields

After the initial megafield was successfully closed. The following 5 fields were easily done by teams Ilocos and Camarines Norte, alternating closes until Roger S. Padilla Memorial Monument portal.

2:51  PM: 6th layer done.

But there was still a pending enl blocking link at Santiago, Isabela. Just a small green link but will mostly block Vinzons and Daet fields. Closest agents currently in the group chat would be Team Aritao and @DarkKizimoto, but the main problem was that it is not easy to get public transportation in their current location and may still take more or less an hour to reach the portal to be destroyed. Operator @IorekByrnisonn, knowing the place once, and seeing the “Mabini Circle” portal (in person) as one of the blockings, he remembered that there was currently one active agent around the area: @Razor3982. The said operator tried to reach him though HO and he did reply and told that he was there at the portal earlier, he was asked that time if he can take down the portal but no one answered so he left without touching the portal. @IorekByrnisonn asked again if he could take it down now as this was a very critical time but he said that he was currently in a client call. Other agents who knew him tried to reach out as well, through continuous request and a bit of patience, Mabini Circle was taken down at 2:51 PM by @Razor3982. We were very grateful of his assistance.

Second sequence: Vinzons fields

From Panganiban, Team Camarines Norte went to Vinzons portals to continue the fielding. At 3:06 PM @AgentPonkana was able to close the 7th field at Wenceslao Vinzons Statue portal. There was a bit of confusion when proceeding to Jose Rizal statue, the portal cannot be linked as it is under a field already. The Wenceslao portal was linked to a Viga portal. Upon reviewing, Wenceslao to Viga link was already established earlier (even before the ops), Team Viga took down the link from there and then the sequence was continued.

At 3:11 PM, an Enl agent (@sequetursanctus) had an activity at the Palawan anchor. Agent @PalawanBirdWing informed everyone immediately to recharge the portal to those who have keys. After a while, there were no further activities, and the operation proceeded.

3:39  PM: 10th layer done.

Third sequence: Daet fields

After closing the 10th field, agent @AgentPonkana proceeded to Daet (Superlines Terminal)

3:54  PM: @AgentPonkana arrived at the Daet Superlines terminal and met with the other agents of team Camarines Norte.

This sequence did not have problems in execution.

4:11  PM: 13th layer done.

Fourth sequence: Viga fields

4:14  PM: Team Viga started fielding.

4:24  PM: 16th layer done. Pretty fast and flawless fielding.

Final Sequence: Ilocos field

Agent @SupremaKalliope finished the operation by closing the 17th field at Bangui Windmills Kapurpurawan to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park with the last MU count of 29.6M MUs. Yay!!!

Unfortunate Takedown

Saturday night while we are all resting, an enlightened account @corbelisk000 destroyed the Palawan anchor and left uncapped. We believe it was spoofed because the site is already closed at that time.


p class=”text-justify”>Thanks to every Resistance agent who made this operation possible!

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