Shock & Awe IV

Shock & Awe – an operation to provide a means to award Onyx Illuminator Badge to Resistance Agents leaving enemies shocked and awed.

Shock & Awe IV 26 Million MInd Units

This message has been flooding our hangouts for quite some time, we initially planned only to field Metro Manila in an attempt to provide new agents the dream of having an Onyx Illuminator.

The journey to make this event possible has not been without a cost. We had to go to places and brave perilous roads on rainy weather to gather keys. Some got involved in an accident. But our will is strong, we did not lose hope, we pushed forward.

It all started with the idea of going to Lucena for the Via Lux Adventurer badge. Agents had a really good time exploring the place, walking under the scorching sun. Upon arrival at SM Lucena, Agent yown, already hyped for a fielding plan that has yet to be thought about, was so keen on going to Lucena Port to gather keys. And so they did, the portal was fracked.

Upon going back to manila, intel was scouted for possible anchors to make another Shock & Awe Field Operations (S&A). We took into consideration that portals or locations used in the past S&A and ensured they were not repeated. After some thinking, San Miguel Bulacan up to Gapan City was the most logical spot and 27 aligned portals were decided to be anchors. A Guardian Portal in Morong Bataan has been eyed to be the other anchor.

Early morning of September 10, while some agents were on their way to farm keys from the Morong base anchor, they met an accident which led to overstaying in Balanga until the day after. Despite the unexpected situation, some agents still proceeded to gather keys in an attempt to give light into a rather unfortunate situation.

Two weeks have passed, magenta111708 has met with yown in Ortigas Park to provide the keys needed for San Miguel and Gapan area.

September 23, while in Bolinao Pangasinan, yown and infinidonkey has traded keys for the plan.

The plan was initially set for Oct 1.

September 29, yown went to Puerto Princesa Palawan to meet with PalawanBirdWing to hand over keys for the field plan.

Few days prior the flight to Palawan, there were some issues with the execution plan as we lack some keys, hence, it was tweaked to make sure that the impact was mitigated. Moreover, the execution was moved as a result of lack of agents participating the activity.

Oct 3, the dedication and passion of flight168 transpired into an immediate cleanup of Bataan blocks and setting up of strategic fields to prepare for the path of links. The plan was also to remake the field a few hours prior execution.

Oct 7, with the new execution plan and some help from regular agents who always participated in the previous S&A, we decided to push through with the plan. About a few hours prior farming for gears in Ortigas Park, an idea emerged to surprise the fielders with another layer of fields to cover the entire plan. This was due to some intel of an agent going to Baler on the same day.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 11.18.12 PM

We had fun eating pizza and drinking beer, farmed for gears for a few hours and got ready for the big day.


We have literally kidnapped Lanyle to get more agents to help out on execution.

Field agents were coordinated and have travelled in the wee hours of the morning.

Agents were stationed to clear the blocks prior the target start time.

2016-10-07 8




Agents from Baguio started moving as well.


We have executed at around 9:50AM with some glitches on the sequence, hence, the need to use virus on some portals. Another issue we encountered was we were being dependent on the time of clearing of Baler link. The situation got intense as we were under the goal of executing the entire plan in just around 10mins.

Fields were created, 26 layers of around 13 million mind units each. One field didn’t make it through as there was a small link blocking it.

2016-10-07 4

Palawan has been closed by PalawanBirdWing as the 27th field.

2016-10-07 6

Original S&A plan finished and we have yet to wait for the Baler link to be taken down.

We waited and waited until Baler link was taken down. However, an Enlightened agent used a virus on one of the anchors. The enemy faction has taken down the 27-layer field! ENL rejoiced and celebrated that one defensive act causing the field to be short-lived and dismayed the Resistance agents who have labored in planning and executing the plan. Or so they thought…


Baguio agents, to a big surprise not only by the fielders themselves but by other resistance agents and enlightened agents alike, stacked 26 million mind units field for each of the 5 layers covering most of Luzon.


Participants celebrated the fruits of their labor.








In the desperation of enlightened agents to take down the field, they accused us to be using illegitimate accounts in Viga, Catanduanes and they created a spoofing account in an attempt to take down the portals in Viga. Their dirty tactics has resulted to an immediate ban of the spoofing account. Eventually, they were left with no other choice but to go to La Union and take it down legitimately around 5am the next day.

Surprise Fields
Surprise Fields
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