Addicted to Ingress

Addicted to Ingress


“**May umatake**, Tay, bili ako ng toyo sa tindahan” returns after 2 hours (fielded the whole village)

“Ay gusto ko ng burger, pero gusto ko un Burger King, sa Ortigas lang may malapit. Punta lang ako dun ah” – Ortigas Farming event

“Guys, daan tayo dun sa Museum area, may gusto lang ako makita” – Museum portals are neutral

Ever been into a situation like those mentioned above or at least moments where in paranoia hits and you keeps on checking the alerts? Then you are one certified if not borderline ADDICTED TO INGRESS

Signs that you are Obsessively Addicted to Ingress

– You carry at power bank wherever you go.

– The first thing you ask yourself when you buy a new phone is “Will I be able to play Ingress on this?”

– You check your Intel map to know if there are portals at the vacation place you’ll be going to over the weekend.

– You used to love the other faction’s color, but now you can’t stand wearing a green shirt or buying a blue phone casing just because it is the color of the enemy.

– You think to yourself: “This would make a good portal submission”, when you see sculptures or water tanks on the road.

– You call non-Ingress players Mind Units.

– You have been injured at least once because you were too busy capturing that portal that you hit that tree/lamp post, or missed that extra step of stairs.

– Your greatest fear is staying at a place where there are no portals/mobile data to continue your sojourner count.

– You have excused yourself at least once from the office, just to see who is destroying your portal.

– You have made excuses to security guards just to be able to capture/destroy that portal inside the exclusive subdivision.

– You check your phone every now and then to check if your GP is still alive.

– You have stress-induced withdrawal syndrome when your sojourner does not move a day.

– Traffic? Let the hack/cap/destroy spree begin.


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