YOU VS THE GREEN WORLD – Leveling guide for RES newbies

You VS the Green World

So you have started playing ingress? Good.

Ah, I see you have chosen to play as resistance? Nice.

But as you open your scanner, you will actually feel like “Why the heck is the whole place green?! or should we say Green World?


A lot of players will most likely give up due to the feel that they are “alone” in the place together with high level enemies and quickly switch factions.

So, if you feel left out, here are some tips on how to survive the green world and eventually become the new “blue terror” of your area.

Disclaimer: This guide assumes that you, as a beginner, are already done with the tutorial.



As a loner, you can try communicating with people with the in-game chat system called the COMMS. If you are lucky, you may find sleeping veterans that can help you clear your area and help boost your access level. If there isn’t anyone, it only means that your adventure is just beginning.

Registering on a Google+ Gate will help you on finding nearby allies and may provide you scheduled gear farming or level boosting.


We have different approaches depending on how adamant the ENL is in your area.
These factors will affect on how fast you will level in your area.
1. Portal Levels
2. Portal Quantity
3. Portal Accessibility


you can actually assume the number of players depending on the level of the portals found in your area.

LEVEL 1-5: 1 player – Easy picking, can destroy and capture portals with a bit of effort.

LEVEL 6: 2 players – Will give you a difficult time, portals may last more than a day.

LEVEL 7: 3 – 7 players – WARNING! Your captured portals won’t even last 24 hours.

LEVEL 8: 8+ Players – DANGER! You are out-numbered, but you also have sources of L8 gears.



The number of portals is directly proportional on the number of significant land marks found in your area. If you can manage to get a hold of 2-3 portals inside your scanner, it is a good spot for farming gear. If you live inside a historical park, you may find at least 8 or more nearby portals, you lucky park hobo. If you manage to get a hold of a lone portal that was not captured for a long while, that would be a good anchor point for potential multi fields or better yet, your own guardian portal.


Gathering MUs is essential for every agent, fielding your area can be possible depending on how adamant the enemies around you. Remember to visit ingress intel and take note of the portals that you normally reach on a daily basis. If you jog, bike or actually own a car, you can look for portals that people don’t normally go to and use them for your advantage.

With those factors said, let’s go to the actual leveling guide.

Actions that reward AP:

Deploy Resonator = 125 AP
Capture Portal = 500 AP
Deploy 8th Resonator on Portal = 250 AP
Upgrade Other Player Resonator = 65 AP
Recharge Portal = 10 AP
Establish Link = 313 AP
Create Control Field = 1250 AP
Hack Enemy Portal = 100 AP
Glyph Hacking = Varying on correct glyphs + 100 AP if you are hacking an enemy portal
Destroy Resonator = 75 AP
Destroy Link = 187 AP
Destroy Control Field = 750 AP


If you want to become undetected for a while then surprise your resident ENLs, you may want to:

Deploy or capture portals outside your area:
Capturing portals and deploying resonators is the fastest way of getting AP. If you manage to find a cluster of portals, always remember to link and field so you can get the most AP. Also glyph hack them until they run dry for extra AP and gear.

Glyph hack the hell out of portals:
Regardless of what color the portal is, Glyph hacking is a great way of getting AP and staying undetected.
Item levels depend on your current access level and the portal’s level. It’s best to hack portals near your access level to get the best gear.

Calculate your AP/day ratio:
It is important that you know your limitations. A casual player can manage around 5K – 20K AP per day. A normal player can manage from 20K to 100K AP per day. And a fully dedicated player can actually manage to get 100K to 500K AP per day.  If you plan to dedicate yourself to ingress, please be advised do not neglect your health, career, friends and family. Ingress is still a game and not a way of living.

Destroying fully modded portals on levels 1-4 may take a lot of weapons and time; it’s not quite worth it.
At levels 5-6, it starts to hurt a bit and the ENL may start getting worried.
Once you reach around level 7 or 8, that’s the time when you show up with a great roar and capture the portals in your area.

Once you reach level 8, let me be the first one to congratulate you. This will be the actual start of your adventure. Travel locations you actually didn’t know exist, meet friends that has the same interests as you, and teach the ENL in your area that in the forest of green lies a sleeping blue dragon of pure terror: YOU!

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