Summer Breeze Sitrep #SummerBreezeOP TL;DR5.596.897.418 total mu11 layersFuerteventura, Canary Islands…

Summer Breeze Sitrep #SummerBreezeOP
5.596.897.418 total mu
11 layers
Fuerteventura, Canary Islands – Svalbard, Norway – Failaka Island, Kuwait


After an exhausting Persepolis anomaly series ended with a very close battle between the factions, RES agents across the whole of Europe were delighted to find themselves suddenly covered with 11 layers of deep blue fields! Zooming out on intel they started to realise just how big these record breaking fields were! The biggest field was 508819660 mu and hangouts reported that this was likely to be the biggest legitimate single field ever made by either faction. In some ways, this was a field for every resistance agent in the continent.

#SummerbreezeOP was a field set so huge it broke records, amazed agents worldwide from both factions, and even led to claims that it “must have been spoofed”. For the agents swept up with this crazy plan, it was even more exciting. Some did not know what they were getting into! Find out more in the sitrep below.

Flurin could you tell us about the inspiration behind this operation?

When thinking with Vincent about new field plans, we wondered if we should do another #O2J. But I had the Idea of fielding the whole of Europe in one go. (Don’t worry, O2J2 is coming!)
I remembered an old plan from +Martin P.A.​ which didn’t work out as planned (#ODIE). I looked for anchors in the Middle East and in the Canaries. The first idea was quite a bit larger but way more difficult. We also tried to avoid political conflicts. The island in Kuwait was Vincent’s idea. Though it turned out to be the most durable anchor it was also the anchor that cost me most of my nerves. Svalbard on the other hand was the most obvious choice. It’s way up north and you can get awesome layers.
The key swaps were interesting, and there was a lot of luck involved. When I asked +Øyvind Repvik​ in Norway how to get Svalbard keys he replied – “by someone taking a plane and getting there”. One week later he told me there was an agent @sysselmannen up there who didn’t tell anyone about his trip. So we had that covered. I asked Afzal to farm keys from Failaka island and send them to +Ronny Kabus​. Ronny flew to Europe and with the help of some other agents we managed to transfer all the keys and Link-amps during the Anomaly in Bratislava. Only the transfer from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait was left. This was stressful and was completed only two days before the operation, by an agent who flew there just to get the keys.
One of the biggest challenges for us were the hardcore blockers in Scotland which I noticed way too late, and the three set of hardcore blockers in the middle east which turned up during the Shardtrain action. But you will read more about them below.

Christoph – This is the second time you’ve flown to a sunny island to field the whole of Europe. This is becoming a habit.

Fielding Europe? Actually I was simply asked to go on holiday to Fuerteventura with some friends, just like last year. So I said yes. I wanted to directly fly to Fuerteventura. But then I was persuaded to go to Utrecht and meet even more of my friends. That was the most stressful part of the whole holiday. But thanks to the Resistance, I got offered a place to sleep and everything went very smoothly. The global Resistance is just awesome.
Regarding the operation I really liked the idea of creating a field similar to one that was planned and executed by some friends of mine some time ago. Epic operation Odie. ( Unfortunately at that time the Enlightened in Svalbard took the field down faster than than the Niantic servers could calculate the mu, and so we could only create three links and no field. Greetings to Matspa and nospecs who were the first to attempt such a field. We learnt from that experience so that the operation could be executed as planned.
So far the holidays were just superb. Nice people, excellent weather, good food. And a field. A five-hundred million mu field. Totally worth it.

We understand that agents in Svalbard had quite a different experience. One of the craziest trips for this operation was by Norwegian resistance agent Vibeke. We heard you jumped off your airport cab for leaving this amazing area to fully deploy the last portal

Heidi (@Tazzobazzo) asked me if i wanted join a crazy Ingress adventure. I didn’t really know much about what was going on, but I’m always up for something fun. Booked my trip and went more or less directly from Utrecht anomaly to Svalbard. Anne Linn (@frkengan) joined me for the trip to this remote island in the Arctic circle. We started to clean the area on Monday. It was clear at this point that the distances were longer than expected. So we rented a car on Tuesday and captured most of the portals, and at the same time managed to explore the amazing area around Longyearbyen. There were signs warning of polar bears and you needed a gun licence to go out of town. There was no sign of any ENL agents from Monday until Wednesday when the fields came up. Yay!

Time was very tight to complete the fields before our plane left – at 1900UTC – so it was a bit stressful. We had to leave Longyearbyen at 1750 at the latest. First field went up at 1737, so needless to say we were short on time! All the fields went up, and we had to jarvis 6 portals for repeat fielding. For the last portal Anne Linn had to run down to the hotel, get our backpacks and hold the taxi, while I was jarvising and deploying the portal. I wish we had had more time! So i didn’t quite jump out of the taxi for this op, but Anne Linn had to hold it and explain to the driver – “We are saving the world, so please be patient!”

When we landed at Oslo Airport after the three hour flight, I turned on my phone immediately. The anchors were being attacked by ENL agent @4nthrax.

The Kuwait anchor was on an island, did this add extra challenges? Did you realise what you were getting into Afzal? Did you expect to be creating one of the biggest fields in the world? Now you have over 508.000.000 with one field.

Yes the anchor on the island was a big challenge – it’s the season for high winds plus it’s the month of Ramadan. It took us a lot of effort just to get a ride to the island since all ferry services had stopped working. We had to hire a private boat. Just to reach the island was a big adventure, but with help of @Hammam and other team members we reached our destination. Before reaching the portal my intentions were to help the Resistance globally and achieve the required target, as well as help the local agents to get their Illuminator badges, but at the same time I was worried about the Russian blocker. Our fellow agents there made the impossible task possible. Once we made our first link I was still worried, but when the first fields came up everything went crazy – we were all jumping with joy – it was a moment that only comes once in a life-time. I would like to thank Flurin and other international Resistance for everything, and Ronny who helped us to get the keys. There are many more agents to thank – I will never forget the support they gave us during the operation. Having made the largest field in the history of ingress I’m proud to say Viva La Resistance. They are great people to have as friends

What about making the links on the day? Was this stressful? Where was the most difficult link clearance, Flurin?

The most difficult area should have been Israel, since our link went straight through Jerusalem. But +drorit zilberberg​ organised it perfectly and it turned out to be quite stress-free. The last minute blockers in Russia were crazy. The agent who threw the links made them a few seconds before his phone battery died. Then he had to find a charger and we had to find a Jarvis passcode for him. But when we linked to Kuwait and Svalbard and moments later Kuwait agents linked to Svalbard and the first field went up, it was just plain crazy.

Did you expect the field to stand? Any issues with spoofers?

Vincent: After the #EurekaOP I expected spoofers at all anchors. Some weeks ago a known spoofer built the same shape as this field but with different anchors. That spoofed field was taken down by another spoofer. When our field went online many people thought it was another spoof field and after a few minutes we got the first attack alerts. But Julia prepared a G+ post for the Ingress Community with a picture of us in front of the portal. Norway and Kuwait also did that. When we got the attack messages, we sent the URL to that spoofer and they stopped attacking. Many people can’t imagine such a big field could be real. The field was taken down by a legit ENL player on Svalbard. This was fair and the way we wanted it.

But there was also another problem. If you build something like this you have to find cleaners for the corridor. We got 2 messages from other player saying that spoofers had cleared the lines. We asked for proof to get more information. The L3 RES agent that they found suspicious booked a hotel and was playing only if someone needed him. The second agent they mentioned was not involved in our operation. He spoofed around Turkey and from there to a hardcore anchor in Iraq in order to build a 5 million MU field, probably to get the Black Illuminator badge. Later he flipped the hardcore anchor.

Raymond (DiamondDuke). You travelled a long way as a cleaner for the blocking links through Scotland. Did you enjoy the trip? Your job was cleaning a remote island, something you’ve achieved several times for mega ops. Will you do it again?

Yes I did enjoy the trip. I took a ferry to the most southern target on an island called Barra – part of a string of islands forming the Outer Hebrides, arriving on Monday evening. I had enough of a data signal to hack the portal, so put in a few hacks, and now have a haul of keys to that portal. My trip through the islands didn’t really start until the next morning, so I hacked all night and destroyed it the following morning, captured it, and linked to another portal a few hundred yards away. The plan being to replace the blocking green field with a skinny Resistance field to the east side of our planned Op link path. My journey north saw me take a number of busses, and another two ferry crossings. The final target was reached on the Tuesday evening at the area of the Callanish Standing Stones. These are a series of stones, forming an impressive early stone-age henge. I had been there a few months earlier on another Op, but got there in the dark, with a ground fog lingering, so didn’t see much. But Tuesday was a fine evening before darkness had fallen, and I enjoyed the full experience. Killed the last blocking link going out to St Kilda, captured the portal and set up my narrow blue field going North South. Now the problem was to get back to Stornoway for the ferry home on Wednesday morning. Shanks’ Pony … A walk of about 15 miles. When I got there, a mass of green fields covered the town. What else could I do until the Ferry was ready for boarding? So …. I smashed a lot of the town – turned it blue – but was generous enough to leave a couple of green portals with minimal energy on a couple of resonators. Got on the ferry, and made my way home, arriving just as the field was put up on the Wednesday evening. Great Op.

There was a complicated block link from Hurghada (Egypt) to Iraq. How was it cleared?

Flurin told me the blocker was impossible to clean because the nearest smurf was a 12h drive away. I checked the city and thought it can’t be impossible. Many tourists go to this town to have a nice diving experience during their vacations. So I checked some portals and scrolled up the Ingress comm. I found a blue player naboo. He had deployed on a portal that day! After that I asked around and someone told me he is also from Hamburg. I found a G+ post in my local community. I opened a hangout with naboo and Flurin and explained the problem.

Yeah it was kinda funny op for me; and some action beside my diving trip 🙂 Vinc contacted me while I was still on the ocean and told me that there was a link that needed to get down in the next days for a special op. I asked for the portal that should go down. The portal was around 20 km away from my hotel and I decided to go there by taxi on the same evening.

My driver thought we must be crazy doing some shit like this “just for a game”….  Well, yes, we are 😀   Arrived at the target hotel, the security officers stopped my taxi – 150 Meters away from the portal… grrrrr. My driver talked to them for around 30 minutes with phone calls to the hotel to asking the officials to let me in, but unfortunately i wasn’t allowed to enter the hotel area cause I’m not a guest of the hotel.

A little bit frustrated my driver took me back to my hotel… I talked to Vinc and Soliman that the link is still up and I could only try it again in a few days.

On the next day i asked my travel agency how I can get there..  “Just go there by day and say you are a new guest; that should work” – they said…  Hell yes, it worked!! Quickly reserved the Taxi again for the next day….

The portal was taken down very quickly 2 days later in early morning hours – mission completed 🙂 So if you wanna try to get into another hotel as a guest, just don’t try it in the dark and go there by day. Both rides were very funny (I had the same driver) and I was able to see the desert in the night. It was a great vacation trip – Thanks for the action guys!

Jonathan we heard you did a short and spontaneous trip in a cab to the harbour and went by boat to a closed island. Was this a planned part of your trip to Kuwait?

No nothing was planned that night for me. I was just playing at the Marina Beach when Afzal wrote to me in the comm. This was two days before the field. He asked me if I wanted to spend time with them the next day but we didn’t have time to meet up. So I wrote to him on the day of the field and asked if they had time to show me around. He said he was already doing something and wanted to leave in 20 minutes, and said I’m welcome to join them. As I love Ingress, I took a taxi that minute for a 20 min ride to their location. I knew nothing about the field until I met them and we were getting on a boat. Everything about the trip was amazing. Even the fact that we almost couldn’t get to the portal because it was in a closed resort, but they let us in. Kuwait and the guys there are great. I’m very lucky to have been here and proud of being a part of this amazing action.

This is our last question to Flurin. You are still on  Fuerteventura and are having a nice vacation. What was your best moment and can we expect another field?

The moment the two lines were connected by the Kuwait agents and the blue field over Europe was rising was just the best. So much stress was suddenly released and I was screaming for joy. The other tourists at the anchor were quite confused by me.

Finally we also want to thank the Global and European Resistance which made these fields possible. The key transfers, the connections we built up during the last years or every single agents that took part and helped with a small piece in this huge puzzle.

The messages we received at the anchor were amazing and astonishing. It’s great to see that so many people were enjoying this field. It was a great dessert after the win of the #Persepolis anomaly which was also an achievement of our players united all over the world.

How about another field? Probably. A lot of 1 MU fields were built here in Corralejo. And I’m fairly sure there will be Multi Million MU fields made with awesome agents from the resistance. A lot of players in Aachen still don’t have the black Illuminator badge which is one thing I want to change.

Also special thanks to all agents (named and unnamed) that helped to the success of this operation.

Thank you for your time
Resistance Global News Network *#RGNN*

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Question and answers were recorded 27th June 2015

+John Hanke
+Anne Beuttenmüller
+Matilde Tusberti
+Brian Rose
+Joe Philley
+Linda Besh

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