Special Summer Edition. All of them. At a glance. #IngressWeekly Issue003  (week number 26, 2015)Fasten…

Special Summer Edition. All of them. At a glance. #IngressWeekly Issue003  (week number 26, 2015)

Fasten your seatbelts. You are about to experience the absolute singularity – the #SummerBreezeOP field which covered the whole Europe. I experienced these awesome eleven shades of blue, 508Mio MU each, by being at the anker in Fuertventura myself. This experience is undescribable. Breathtaking… Adrenaline… Awesomeness overflow… On top of the world! The field had anchors in Fuertventura, Kuwait and Norway and looked way too similar to the field build by a spoofer a month and produced lots of hot discussions if the current field is legit. The success of this field is the result of the great job and commitement of hunderts resistance agents – planning, coordination, cleaning… Proud to be resistance! The first post with a screenshot of this field and a proof that we are really at the anchor (https://plus.google.com/+JuliaVivienneLoverdose/posts/jNs45gisbpL) beats all the popularity records (500 comments, 450 reshares, 2.8k upvotes.) It was even reshared by +Ingress​​​. But then it was deleted (sad, sad…). Was the IITC screenshot the reason for this? I don’t know… but I know that to load the plain Intel with that field it took more than half an hour.
The agent at the anchor in Norway was real too: https://plus.google.com/+VibekeEika/posts/KwmXsD99xv8 +Vibeke Eika​​​
Sitrep from Kuwait: https://plus.google.com/+AfzalAGhafoor/posts/3fMnYsK8eyZ +Afzal A. Ghafoor​​​
More pics from the Fuertventura ancher: https://plus.google.com/+ChristophH/posts/XmdNqWKZKpY +Christoph H.​​​
The Irish tail: https://plus.google.com/+stuartparkinson/posts/Kw4G6FZ7CmS +stu parkinson​​​
If you want to know the full story you will have to be a bit more patient. The full sitrep is being written and will be posted by +Resistance Global News Network #RGNN​​ (do not hesitate to follow^^)​. It is going to be awesome, I promise! I already snooped in 😉 +Flurin Noller​​​ +Vincent R.​​​

The rest of my g+ stream this week has been the new glossy appearance of the black badges and the anomaly pictures. Lots of anomaly pictures. Nothing else. I am sure your g+ didn’t look much different. Oh yeah, and the MUFG screenshots. And all possible and impossible theories behind the algorithm how those capsules work. I hope some official explanations will come soon. If I put my money into a real bank, I’d prefer not to guess but to know for sure what dividends to expect and when 😛

The anomaly is over. The shards are gone. Resistance won. Again. Now we can breathe freely for a month and play a normal ingress. But do not get too relaxed! Based on the current tendency we can expect the next anomaly already in August. And how large is the probability that the shards will come too? Way too early, but who knows…

+Anne Beuttenmüller​​​
+Matilde Tusberti​​​
+John Hanke​​​
+Joe Philley​​​
+Zeke Cao​​​
+Resistance Global News Network #RGNN​​​
+Ingress Report Report​​​

#ingress, #resistance #SummerBreezeOP

P.S. I spent the whole week at Fuertventura and writing this text while flying somewhere above France/Belgium back to Germany. There is still a small chance that I missed something important while lying on the beach or hunting uniques in mountains. Drop me a pm, I’ll improve next time:)

P.p.s. and just to be sure, I would like to highlight this explicitly: this post is not a sitrep about the field:)

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